Fuck you and your ilk and your shitty me-attitudes.
Get your face out of your phone
            and use that brain!
Lift your head up, look at something other than
            Instagram and your shoes.
Use that brain to form an idea
            that is your own.
Think. For a change.
STOP!  Just stop.
And listen to the stupidness
            you are buying into.
Stand up.
Do something
            about the crap, and the nonsense.
STOP! Stop making the stupidness real.
Get your face out of your privileged white ass
            and use your mediocre brain to start counting
            how many people in this world would give up
            to have a life like yours.

You don’t have to be Mother Teresa.
            (Who’s she?) 

© Rosemarie A. D’Amico 2019