[This is an entry in my project to write something every day in the 100 days before my retirement, reflecting on my career and life]

89 Days Until Every Sunday Morning Feels Like Freedom

June 3, 2018

What will I NOT miss when I stop going to an office job every weekday?

  1. Monday mornings when all I can think about is Friday afternoon.
  2. Monday mornings.
  3. Crawling over snowbanks to get on the bus on dark January mornings.
  4. Managing people and trying to fit them into a corporate cookie-cutter image of what the company thinks they should be like. 
  5. Bureaucracy.  
  6. Doing things that make absolutely no sense (to me).

What will I miss when I stop going to an office job every weekday?

  1. Spring mornings at the bus stop when the sun is rising and the smell of lilac wafts through the air.
  2. The sense of purpose I have on Monday mornings.
  3. The amazing people I work with on a daily basis.
  4. The privilege of helping people reach their goals and being a coach to teams that make a difference.
  5. The feeling of pride I have every day as I watch the company grow and continue to be a resounding success. 
  6. The paycheque.

 I think these lists will grow over the next 89 days.