… are funny things. They’re personal, unrelatable to many, sometimes resemble diaries and mindless thinking, are often brilliant essays, look like journal entries, can be nonsensical, beautiful, confusing, thought-provoking or silly. But most of all they are a forum for sharing our thoughts. If you, dear reader, are interested in my thoughts, I say welcome to my site.

At the end of August 2018, I retired from my paying job to start Phase 3 of my life.

(I picture my life, so far, in three phases. Phase I: before career-marriage-parenthood. Phase 2: during career-marriage-parenthood/grandparenthood (is that a word?). Phase 3 ________ (check back in a few years when I will be able to fill in the blank).)

I spent a lot of time and thought in planning Phase 3. I hired a counsellor, I investigated options, I bounced ideas around in my head and with family/friends, and eventually I launched. I felt confident with my plans that included going to university to get a degree, travelling, volunteering, spending quality time with family, writing, writing and a little bit more writing. Two years later, I can report that I am now in third year at Carleton University (taking a degree in English Literature), I have done some travelling, very little volunteering, have not had as much time (due to Covid-19) as I would like with family, and I have been writing. Oh, and I have one new knee (maybe more on that later).

I might provide some further details on Phase 3 as I venture down the road. But in the meantime, I will post some pre-retirement thoughts that came about because a good friend suggested that in my last 100 days on the job at NAV CANADA, I should write a poem every day. That was too much to think about, so I decided to reflect back on my previous jobs, my career, and my life to that point, eventually completing 100 entries in 100 days. I’ll share some of them here.